Using Of Fundamentals of Lead Generation To Sell Your Product or Services

While entering into the ocean of Digital Marketing, you always hear the word Lead Generation, Get a certain amount of leads to grow your business, lead generation strategies, you will not be able to do your business without having a client base etc. So let’s focus on fundamentals so that you can understand the lead generation.


What Is Lead Generation?

Firstly, let’s talk about the word Lead. Lead is your potential client, who is interested in your product or services. Sometimes lead is also restricted to a telephone number and email.

Basically in the era of 2020, these two things have very much importance. Now let’s look into what is a lead generation. So, the lead generation is the process of identification and tapping to your potential clients or customers so that they can buy your product or services to satisfy their needs. If you are a sales person or founder of a B2B firms, you might already have some experience in generating leads.
On the other hand, we’re not following the old tactics of lead generations like cold callings, or sending out a ton of emails. It is a complex process that requires a variety of strategies to be effective.


How To Generate Leads?

Back in the past few decades, lead generation techniques are quite straightforward. It means you have to put your advertisement on television, radio, give in ads in the newspapers, buy a bunch of emails and spam them with your product or service information. But now there is a drastic shift in the methodology of lead generations.

Now, the company who wants to generate leads are not focusing on hitting their customers as much as they can, but now focusing on how they can increase the visibility and transparency so that customers can come to them.
Let’s explore some of the most important aspects you must focus on below.

〉〉 Have a website –

Having a website is pretty much fun. You can directly show your product to your client. Basically it is a reflection of you and your shop. It shows how you genuinely care about your potential clients.

〉〉 Make Contact Information Transparent And Use a Contact Form –

You must provide the contact details such as telephone number, email address, Skype, your social media handle or even your address. With this information, your potential and existing client can contact you. If this is not possible, then simply put a contact form. But in my opinion, using both is quite good. So that client has an option to choose within the options to contact you.

〉〉 Use of Opt-in form –

Some of your visitors do not want to leave their contact information on your blog or website unless and until he or she will get return in something valuable. That’s why it’s essential to have an opt-in form for capturing leads and have an appealing incentive for leaving their email address.

〉〉 Landing Pages and Call To Actions –

If you don’t have a website, then landing pages can do it better for you. It is basically customized one page website. I mean it looks like a website but it’s not. Landing page encourages people to buy your product or service. When developing your CTAs (call to actions), you must ensure that they are:

– clear and understandable
– compelling
– well placed on your website to allow your visitors to contact you easily.

〉〉 Email Marketing –

With the help of email marketing, you can build a trust. As per the Statista, In 2019, the number of global e-mail users amounted to 3.9 billion and is set to grow to 4.48 billion users in 2024. In 2018, approximately 281 billion e-mails were sent and received every day worldwide. This figure is projected to increase to over 347 billion daily emails in 2023.
Your emails should provide the correct information and nurture the prospects, guiding them toward the decision to buy your product.

〉〉 Re-targeting the Audience –

Suppose I want to tap to the people who are looking for digital marketing, then I run two campaigns on Facebook for reach and conversation. I got a few leads. Suppose the expected number that I should get is to be or somewhere around 500. But I only got 200. So for that remaining 300 I will do different advertisements or I can use different techniques. Basically you should not give up on a lead just because the bounced back from your landing page or website. You should try more in a smarter way.

〉〉 Blogs –

A blog can perform a much better part in your lead conversion. Suppose if you develop a blog with valuable content and you did everything to SEO so that you can rank it at search engine’s top box, then you will definitely get organic traffic. It will build the trust among your audience and help you to convert your leads.

〉〉 Client’s referrals

No matter what strategies you play to convert the leads, a word of mouth will always stay at one of the best ways to grab the market.

If you provide excellent service to your clients in a consistent manner, they will be much more likely to recommend you to their friends and colleagues, and that endorsement will make the task of converting those leads much easier.


How Does Lead Generation work?

The process of lead generation is very simple. First of all you have to create a post, it may be graphics or text or something. Then you have to upload it on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Then you have to do Ads & Search Engine Optimization for that content by using good kinds of keywords. You can use Google Keyword Planner for that purpose to choose the keyword, so that you can grab the attention of people toward your post.

After that, people will click on your post and get redirected towards your target link, It could be Instamojo or may be your website or something else. In that process you have to gain trust of your custom audience. After winning the trust people will get converted and become your lead.


What are Lead Generation Challenges?

Here is the thing : it really doesn’t matter how wonderful your sales representatives are, or how he or she has command over the product knowledge. If he or she pushes a product, services or solution that isn’t looking attractive to your leads, people do not even bother to look at it. Then they have zero percent chance of closing.

Tapping people with right offer or solution :
Yeah, you have to understand the basic demographics of people you are looking to target, and it includes
– Age
– Gender
– Position
– Geographical area

But that is not sufficient. You should also do deep digging into
– Day to day tasks
– Working goals
– Work related challenges
– KPIs and metrics
– Media consumption

Many marketers assume that a customer’s goal gets overlapped with their company’s sales target, but your consumer might have one or two secondary goals or targets that they want to achieve as well.

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