Apply These 8 Secret Techniques To Improve Website Optimization

The big journey for getting to Desktop 40 & Mobile 35 to Desktop 95 & Mobile 99 at Google PageSpeed Insights is in short.

Google PageSpeed Insights

I started learning digital marketing in the year 2019. From that year to date I am still learning so much about digital marketing. I created my first website in the middle of something from November 2019 to December 2019.

 I learned how to create a website from some online courses. I paid the fees then I joined the courses. After watching online videos, I thought, let’s give it a try. So I purchased my domain from Jumbohost. I don’t know if this company is alive or dead because I already transferred my domain from them. I purchased my hosting from Bluegeekhosting.

 I did basic setups like connecting the name servers, installing WordPress scripts from softaculous programs, installing SSL certificates, creating a basic email account, etc. Then I tried 8 to 10 themes for which suits better to serve my purpose. I remembered I did install nearly about 25 plugins to customize, boost, and speedup up my website.

 After all the creepy things I have done with my websites, it was going good for some 2 or 3 weeks. But after 2-3 weeks, my website gets slow and slow every day. My website performance decreased. My search console dashboard shows too many errors. 

 To overcome this, I shifted to the Astra theme and have minimized the plugin count. By the way, Astra is a pretty good theme for woo commerce & customization. Astra gives me pretty fast responses as compared with the previous ones. So with the help of Astra, I started writing a blog. I need some plugins with pro versions. So I purchased the pro versions from local online sites. After all the setup, my blog is quite good for 7 to 10 months. But after that, it started lagging again. So I take the opinion of my hosting company about what I should do? They have suggested that I install CDN. After installing CDN my site works well. But after a few periods, my site starts showing errors 522, 520. After that, I removed CDN for some period.

Cloudflare Error - 520 Web Server is running an unknown error


Cloudflare Error - 525 SSL Handshake Failed

Now I have completely changed the outlook of my website.


 In all this struggle to optimize my website, I have learned a few things which I want to share with you so that It will help you to optimize your blog or website.

 1. Always use responsive themes or default themes of WordPress. Currently, I am using the GeneratePress theme for my website.

 2. Never create a sub-domain, unless and until it’s really necessary. Otherwise, I would give load on your RAM

 3. Use cache cleaning plugins. For my website, I am using the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin which gave me the best results of optimization. LiteSpeed Cache cleans all caches including Local Server Caches, CSS/Js Caches, Opcode Caches and Critical Caches.

 4. Keep your image size below 500kb and use any plugin for image optimization. But as per my best knowledge, LiteSpeed Cache Plugin does both the things i.e. image optimization and cache cleaning.

 5. Remove inactive themes and plugins.

 6. Do not use unnecessary plugins. For example, instead of using any contact form, create it with CRM-based online software such as HubSpot, ConvertKit, etc. Paste the HTML codes to your website page.

Simple HubSpot Contact Form

 7. You can use CDN as per the requirement of your website performance. The popular CDNs are Cloudflare, BunnyCDN, NitroPack, etc.

 8. Optimize CSS files.

 Final Words :

 Everyone loves a faster website. You would be very happy if your website gets a load in 1 or less than 1 second. As per the survey, if your website takes more than 4 seconds to fully load, the visitor will leave your site. If your website loads fast it will list the top pages of Google Search Engine. Website Optimization is one of the parts of SEO. Reducing the load on Server RAM would help to speed up your website. Please try to make mobile friendly website.

I know, this is hard to maintain the 80+ score. Because as you grow, your post counts increase, the images increase, and also plugins may also increase. So it may slow your RAM processing. But if you do follow the above 8 tips, I am sure your website’s score won’t come down.

Best Hosting :

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BlueGeek Hosting


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