The Insider’s Guide to Generate Website Traffic Through ShareChat

Are you interested in making free traffic for your website? Well, I was searching for some stuff like that last week. I was looking for an app or website which would help me to grow my content popularity along with my website traffic. I stopped on one very interesting website which is called as ShareChat.

 So, What is ShareChat?

 ShareChat is a Bangalore, India-based social networking service that provides tonnes of free media content including videos, jokes, songs, and shares. Along with this, ShareChat is also provided free chatting and messaging service with whether individuals or in the group. It was developed by Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd. and founded by Ankush Sachdeva, Bhanu Pratap Singh, and Farid Ahsan.

 How do we can register to ShareChat?

 ShareChat is available on PlayStore as well as Apple App Store. And it is for free.
ShareChat - PlayStore Apple App Store
After installation, it provides fifteen languages i.e. Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Odia, Bhojpuri, Assamese, Rajasthani, Hariyanvi, Urdu for login and further procedure. You can change languages after registration if you want. For example, I will use the Marathi language as my default language for login and further procedure. I want to enter my mobile number for registration. After registration, you can edit your profile. In the profile, ShareChat asked you to fill up all the necessary details like Your Name, Username, Gender, Bio, Astrological Sign, Date of Birth, Place, and mobile number.

 How can we do Free Marketing on ShareChat?

 After successfully setting up your profile, we can market our content in the following ways:
 01. Putting link of website in your text content.
 02. Using Short videos
 03. Using Photo + Text
ShareChat Home Section
 Now, you can see there are a total of 3 sections that are important to us, and which are the Home, Trending and Short Video section.
 In the Home section, we can see all content that is related to our profile i.e. content of your following person, content that is available on hashtags that are frequently used by you. In the Trending section, you can see all the popular and trending content including photos, videos & text, and popular hashtags of the day. And in the third section, we can see short videos just like YouTube Shorts & Instagram Reels.
 If you go to the upload section of the app, you can see four options available for upload the content i.e. Status, Camera, Upload & Motion videos.
ShareChat Tag Section
In the status, if you want to upload plain text with the link then you have to upload it without using background. Well, there are pretty good backgrounds are also available over there. So you can use that one also.
 In the camera section, you can upload the photos and videos like Instagram Reels for thirty seconds from created with your mobile or tab.
 The third section belongs to Upload.
ShareChat Video Section
In this section, you can upload your readymade photos, videos, and GIFs. One thing that is pretty good here that, you can upload the entire folder of your mobile if you want.
 And the final part is Motion videos. You can upload any video of your choice.

 Now, let’s checked about content reach.

 For example, I take the Verified ShareChat handle’s post under the tag of Mother’s Day.
Content Reach ShareChat Group
In this tag of Mother’s Day, you can see 961 people are joined, 1.2k+ posts are posted under this, and post seen by 1.9 million. This is the total reach of that particular topic or tag.
ShareChat Actual Content Example
 Similarly, you can see the post from the official shared chat channel. It shows 299.2k post views. It means nearly 300k. Then it was shared by 632 people through WhatsApp. 2k people like this and 33 people are commented on this. So, you can understand what reach it can give you if they like your post.

 Final Words

 ShareChat is a very beautiful platform for sharing your content and make it goes viral. These social networking media have huge potential to viral your content. You can generate much more traffic than your expectations only when if you post the right & informative content with the right tag. Before posting any content or link just be make sure that you comply with all the requirements such as Privacy Policy, Content Policies, and Brand Guidelines.
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