Welcome to NachiketGholap.In, where I offer simple and free online tools for everyone. No need to register or pay. My user-friendly tools are here to help you with everyday tasks. They’re made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for efficiency.

I’m all about making your online life easier. You can use my tools as much as you want, and I’m always working on adding more. And don’t worry about your data – I don’t collect it. I don’t even have a place to store it. Your privacy is safe with me. Enjoy the tools!

Below are the categories. Click on a category name to access the tools within that category:

Free Coding Tools
Free Colour Tools
Free General Tools
Free Legal Tools
Free SEO Tools


  1. Advanced Morse Codes
  2. CSS Button Code Generator
  3. CSS to JS Converter
  4. HTML – CSS Button Generator
  5. HTML Editor
  6. HTML List Generator
  7. HTML to XML Generator
  8. HTML to XML Praser
  9. I-Frame Maker

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  1. CSS Gradient Colour Generator
  2. RBGA Colour Picker

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  1. Age Calculator
  2. Celsius to Fahrenheit Converter
  3. Image Flip
  4. Internet Speedometer
  5. Password Generator
  6. QR Code Generator
  7. URL Encode Decode
  8. WEBP Image Converter
  9. Word Counter

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  1. About Us Generator
  2. Disclaimer Page Generator
  3. Privacy Policy Generator
  4. Website Terms Generator

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  1. Domain Name Availability Checker
  2. High Quality Backlink Checker
  3. Link Analysis
  4. New Backlink Checker
  5. Poor Backlink Checker
  6. Competition Finder
  7. Headers Checker
  8. Indexed Pages Finder
  9. Keyword Research Tool
  10. Meta Tag Generator
  11. Mobile Support Test

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