Verify your site ownership by using Google Search Console

Lets suppose we have a site named as or whatever your website name. I take it here for example purpose only, you already did login into that. we have to do Search Console for that.

Step 1. Open a link in second tab which is direct link to Google Search Console.

Step 2. You will see one window Welcome to Google Search Console and you will see there are two options. One is for domain and another for URL Prefix. You have to choose the second one for that.

Step 3. You have to enter complete URL of your website i.e. then click on continue. A popup shows for Checking Verification.

Step 4. Then you will get one popup window including verification methods. Choose the HTML Tag method. Just copy that tag. Do not close the window

Step 5. Then go to the Dashboard of your website. Click on Appearance. Then click on Theme Editor. After that you will get lot more tags including Archives, Comments, Theme Header, Theme Footer, Image Attachment Template etc.

Step 6. Open Theme Header Tab. Where you can find one HTML tag like <Head> just down that paste the code you have copied. Please make sure that you have to put that codes in between <Head> and </Head> tags. Click on Update File.

Step 7. Go to that tab where you leave the Google Search Console. Click to Verify, and you will get one popup stating that now you are a verified owner of this site.

I did my website ownership verification by two method. Second method i have used that Google Analytics, how did I verify by that way, that part I will tell you later. But right now, I prefer only one method that is putting that code into your theme. So currently my website is working on that first method. Don’t worry, second method is also easy. You can do Verification by any of the method whether in single or jointly, it doesn’t matter.

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