Why I Created This Website?

Maybe you have lots of questions in your mind, what is this blog? why this blog has started? why was it named upon the author’s name? was there any shortage of domain names?

We are here to help

If I am at your place, my mind gets confused or hits with a hell of a lot of questions because it is covering various categories.

Well, let me explain to you why this blog has so many WH questions in your mind?
The idea behind this blog was to track down my learning progress. Yes, you heard right! I created this blog to just track down my daily new learning.

(If you are thinking that this blog is for making a “good blog”, or for gaining fame or anything like that… You are wrong! This blog is not meant to be a “good blog”, where you can copy the articles for your school or college projects. Because I am using multiple categories and subcategories. It was just created to track down my learning.)

Okay, let’s move on!

What is the purpose of this blog

And why this blog is named upon my name. Well, I was inspired by a lot of growth hacking blogs which are named upon the author’s name. And I decided to follow in their footsteps and started writing blog posts about my life events related to all the learning and growth hacking.
It should be noted that this blog is not just based on technology or programming categories.

This blog is just about different kinds of things that enhance my knowledge about the world surrounding us. Yeah, this blog actually covers the topics like digital marketing, project management skills, writing techniques, psychology of learning (Why some people learn faster than others), different lifestyles’ patterns, and along with all those topics it has some other interesting stuff too.

My intentions behind this blog were to firstly, keep track of my learning process. I could easily see what I have learned today, what I have learned yesterday, what I will learn tomorrow. It was very easy for me to keep track of my new learning. Secondly, it was very easy for me to find out what I am lacking in terms of skills yet.

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Every day I learned at least one percent new things it could be writing to complete pages in English or silently observing people or doing meditation, practicing new techniques of life coaching, or maybe learning digital marketing.

Whenever going to know what would happen tomorrow. But we have a chance to learn at least one percent new every day. Just think about that one percent every day means 360% per year. It means by the closing of this year you might get ended up with that you learned 360% new things this year. Well, that’s a hell of a lot of leanings.

So you could find falling or topics on my websites such as life coaching, spirituality, mythology, paranormal activities, or what cover things I am learning every day. It could be anything.

After all this Ramayana and Mahabharata, the question comes for the domain name that why I choose my name as a domain name. Well, yes domain name could be any name but I am writing this story or safe progress of my life and I want to study that it in as happened way.
I want to share all this with you at least or free of cost. I hope it might help you out in your life to be more simple, knowledgeable, and successful.

Learn new everyday

I am trying to get more and more of the knowledge. I am not a guru but I have interest and knowledge. If you want there is no problem at all. Just please do see my subcategories on these websites and see other things that might help you out in learning or your life progress.

Feel free to give any suggestion on these subcategories as well and request me to add other learning tips, so that way it will be easier for sharing them with you one by one.

So, please support this blog by clicking the share button and liking my Facebook page too for connecting with me for the latest updates if you are interested. Share with your friends too as this could take us forward a little closer step by step.